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We appreciate your interest in our company.  Our interest in pheromones started back in 1999, and we have been sharing our pheromone products with the world since the spring of 2000.  We are fascinated by this particular invention of mother nature called pheromones.  They are used by nearly ever creature on the planet to signal all kinds of information with a single whiff.  If you have ever seen a dog sniff the back side of another dog, you are witnessing the pheromone transfer of all kinds of information. This transfer of of information by way of olfactory senses is called chemo-signaling.  The medium of information transfer are pheromones.  And we humans have far more chemo-signaling going on than most of us realize.  Here at Dr Amend Direct LLC we utilize our knowledge of human pheromones, to improve the love lives of of those men and women who seek their help.
"The Most Exciting News 
About Sex in Years!"
Discover How A New Pheromone Scent Can Help You Attract Women Like Never Before!
From: Dr. Virgil Amend 
Re: "Pheromone Chain Reaction"
From: Dr. Virgil Amend
Re: "Pheromone Chain Reaction"
Dear Friend, 

If you're like a lot of men who are frustrated with a lack of dates, not enough sex in your relationship, or if you ever get the feeling that real success with women is just slightly beyond your grasp, then we need to talk.

In fact, I must say you are not alone.  Millions of men just like you are feeling unappreciated and have a burning desire to turn things around.
Because if you are serious about having an improved love life, with more enjoyment, and increased satisfaction, then this could be the most important message you will ever hear.

Let me explain why...

You are about to discover something that is so simple, so easy to use, and so outside of the box - you may not have ever considered it until now.
It's one of nature's secret weapons called pheromones [fer-uh-mones]. These clever little "survival-of-the-species" hormones are used by almost all living creatures to attract the opposite sex and draw them in - including you and I.

Men and women have been hardwired from the beginning for one main purpose... to reproduce.  Pheromones are a tool, built right into our biology, that makes attraction and mating more instinctual

You can't see them or smell them, yet pheromones can arouse a persons interest with gut level passion by triggering attraction signals we are already programmed to feel.

Pheromones are nearly odorless, and can now be worn on the skin as a lotion for maximum effect. No matter who you are or how well you play your game, pheromones can help you take it to the next level. 

Best part is, it will be your own little secret and no one will know you're wearing them! 
Watch Video To See How Pheromones Work
Human Pheromones Discovered in 1986 
Nearly every species in the animal kingdom uses pheromones to help attract mates and ensure the continuation of life for that species. Scientists have known about pheromones in animals since the late 1800’s. But they were not discovered in humans until 1986, at the Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia. 
Soon after their discovery in humans, scientists learned that  men and women naturally secrete pheromones, like a natural sexual musk, through their sweat glands in concentrated amounts around their under arms, nipples and groins. These natural pheromone scents attracts the opposite sex and draws them in with keen sexual interest, and it all happens in a matter of seconds. Studies indicate that women are smitten with the power of pheromones all most instantly. 
Two BIG Reasons To Supplement with Pheromones
First, our natural pheromones are going largely unnoticed because of daily showers, deodorants, and layers of clothing.   Plus, most of this hygiene attention is concentrated in the very areas we naturally produce pheromones such as our underarms and groin. Our natural pheromones don't have a chance to be effective under these conditions.
Second, all pheromones are derived from testosterone, and all are andro-hormones such as Androstadienone, Androstenone and Androstenol.  All three of these pheromones are in Dr. Amend's formula to attract women. Because pheromones are manufactured in the body from testosterone, men low in T will also be low in pheromone production.  A man in his 40's will have only half of the testosterone he had compared to his twenties, and half the pheromones.  
How It All Works... The "Pheromone Chain Reaction
Pheromones Stimulate The Brain to
Release Sex Hormones
All mammals, including humans, have a tiny organ just inside the nasal cavity called the vomeronasal organ or VNO, and its sole function is to detect trace amounts of airborne pheromones.

Specialized nerve pathways, now known as "Nerve O", lead directly to the limbic region of the brain, also known as the “seat of emotions”. Pheromones signal the limbic region of the brain to prepare our bodies for sex by releasing hormones that elevate mood, and sex drive.   
from the VNO directly to the limbic region of the brain, also known as the “seat of emotions”. The limbic region then prepares our bodies for sex by signaling the release hormones from the hypothalamus and other glands to help elevate mood and sex drive.   
Double blind and university studies show that women exposed to natural pheromone scents instantly spike in circulating hormones that have a direct impact on mood, attraction, and desire for sex. This study proved that these arousing effects can occur in less than one second.  So imagine wearing your pheromones, and in one moment you’re having a simple conversation with a beautiful woman, and the next moment she is feeling the irresistible tug of attraction for you.  
How To Apply Pheromones
Just apply a few drops on the exposed areas of skin like the back of the neck and forearms.  That's it, and the pheromones do the rest.  Re-apply after bathing. Lasts all day, and can be worn with your favorite cologne or scented oil.  
Words From The Street

"Right from the first time we met, she was attracted to me. We have been dating now for 6 weeks and everything is progressing well. She has told me that she doesn’t know why she was attracted to me because I’m not her usual type. Dr. Amend's Pheromone Advantage worked for me."

~ Ron, Toronto Canada .

"Women will touch me and try to keep me around them even after I want to leave. I've found it as an effective tool for attraction. It also makes it easier for foreplay."

~ Anonymous.

"My female employees are always quite agreeable and cooperative now. Fascinating. Socially I find that women I encounter when playing my gigs as a Blues musician are quite friendly and attentive. I believe this stuff works as advertised".

~ Anonymous

"Well for one thing i felt more energetic and my fiance was being friendlier than ever, I could see that the pheromones where working in a way because me and she has been fighting all the time but for the last few weeks things have gotten a lot better."

~ Anonymous.

"I am an engineer and a natural born skeptic. After using your product for over a month I can safely say it works... Please inform me if you ever plan to discontinue production so I can buy up your stock."

~ Patrick T. 

"I could not believe it at first. I have worked in the medical industry for many years commercializing new drugs. I also understand "spin" marketing. When I first ordered the product I felt stupid because I thought there is no way that something like this could work and yet here I am ordering it."

~  Bill 59, IL.

"I got it to wake up my wife. We went from doing the wild thing from once a week to 5-6 times weekly. Be careful though...if you are married it also seems to attract other women, not just your wife."

~ Male, age 65 

"Dr. Amend's product has caused women to hug me harder and lick the spots where I have applied the product. I have had a lot of "you smell so good" responses."

~  Anonymous
Every Logical Reason To Try It Right Now
  •  Dozens of Scientific Studies: Double blind and university studies prove effectiveness.
  •  6 Month Return Policy: Zero risk to try it out. It works for YOU or your money back!
  •  Super Discreet Shipping. Package will read from: "Dr. Amend Direct LLC". No identification of contents.
  •  Super Discreet Billing: Billing statement will read "Dr. Amend Direct LLC". 
  •  One-Time Purchase: We do not auto-bill, or auto-ship in anyway.
  •  Unscented:  We do not add any kind of cologne or fragrances.  Can be worn with your own cologne. 
  •  No One Will Know:  This will be your secret.  No one will know you're wearing it, unless you tell them.
  •  Not Available In Stores: Only available online.
  •  32 Bit Encrypted Transaction: Secure on-line purchase with privacy and security guaranteed. 
  •  Your Name and Info Will Not Be Sold: Our privacy policy legally binds us to not sell or share your information. 
Here Is The Bottom Line... No Matter Your Circumstances!
Look, I know your situation is unique. But, if you are still reading this its likely that your love life could use improvement at least on some level. And I don't have to tell you that if your love life is miserable, then everything else in your life can suffer.

Right now, no matter your circumstances, you have one of two choices to make.

Choice number one is you leave this page without trying "Pheromone Advantage".
This choice takes you back to the path you have been on until now. One riddled with deep concerns and doubts about the future and sexual agony.

You definitely don't want that!

Which is why you should seriously consider choice number two. Just click the order button below and give my formulation a try

This option leads you in a brand new direction, into a whole new world of infinite possibilities. A new world that is all your own, where you have finally found that island of happiness you have always dreamed of having. 

I've unlocked the door. All you have to do is walk through it.

I hope you understand that I've stacked the deck so much in your favor that you can't lose. Actually there is one way you can lose, by walking away from this wonderful opportunity to give this a chance to make a difference in your love life.

You've suffered and craved real passion for long enough. Just click the button below and place order right now. I personally guarantee you'll be glad you did.

Dr. Virgil A. Amend D.C.
P.S. Do it now because nothing will change unless you take that one step towards change, by trying something new. If you put this off now, you'll likely never come back to it.
6 Month 100%
Satisfaction Guarantee
or Your I'll Buy It Back!
It's SO SIMPLE... If you're worried this might not be for you, I've got you covered with my iron-clad 6 Month Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Money Back return policy!

If you're not happy for any reason, simply return the bottle(s) back to me and I'll gladly issue you a 100% refund of the purchase price. NO questions asked!  I only ask that you return all the bottles, even if they are empty.  That's it.  No hassles, no fuss. 
Our returns address is:
Pheromone Advantage
889 N. Maize Road Suite 209
Wichita, KS 67212
No indication on billing or packaging regarding contents. Will read. Dr Amend Direct LL. 

Plus, if you have any questions about your order, simply give our support team a call at 1-800-685-1902 or just shoot me an email at
Questions?  1-800-685-1902
Dr. Amend Direct LLC
889 N. Maize Rd. Ste 209
Wichita, KS 67212
Dr. Amend Direct LLC
889 N. Maize Rd. Ste 209
Wichita, KS 67212
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