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These offers feature a raw sexual attraction pheromone formula for men to attract women, and a seperate unique pheromonhe scented formula for women to sexually attract men.

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First Category:  New formulas with oxytocin. Designed to promote sexual attraction with enhanced, love, trust and commitment.  Ideal for married couples and those looking for life long love.  Ideal for audiences looking for lasting love.

category are our classic formulations for raw sexual attraction without the added benefit of oxytocin.  Ideal for audiences only looking for more sex.  
New Formulations With Oxytocin
Raw sexual attraction with enhanced intimacy connection for emotional bonding
Classic Formulations
Raw sexual attraction without the added benefit of enhanced commitment and bonding
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Lander Geared Toward Women
Lander Geared Toward both Men and Women

3 Mail Swipes for Men... and 3 for Women
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SUBJECT: She Said, “Can I Get You A Beer?”
SUBJECT: They Don’t Make ‘Em Like That Anymore (Or DO They)
SUBJECT: It’s Like If Walter White Had Cooked Catnip For Women
Imagine the scene…

You get home from work after another long, stressful day at the office.

Deadlines. Angry bosses. The works.

But unlike some poor suckers out there, you don’t dread coming home to your wife even more than going to work.

Instead, you CAN’T WAIT to get home.

That’s because you’ve already received about five “private selfies”.

Sure enough, she answers the door in a robe…red lingerie underneath.

Her eyes shine as she smiles and hands you your favorite beer, which she has already poured for you.

“Hey baby…I missed you ALL day”, she says.

“Why don’t you sit down in your easy chair, and I’ll bring you a hot meal.”

“Go ahead and watch your game. Decompress. I won’t talk your ear off about all the drama with my girlfriends…especially right after you walk in the door. I know you’ve had a long day.”

And then the clincher…

“When you’re done with your game”, she says, “I’ll give you the absolute best ‘oral pleasures’ ever”, punctuated with a naughty giggle.

By now you might think I’ve lost my mind, even THINKING a woman would ever treat her man like that.

But it’s MORE LIKELY you’re wondering where you can even FIND this “mythical” woman I’m talking about.

Oh…but she’s very real. You just have to know the closely-guarded secret to BRINGING IT OUT in her.

Well, like so many of the good things in life, the answer is hiding in PLAIN SIGHT:
[Link]  Bring Out The “Sex Kitten” In Her
For years, Dr. Amend and his team have worked in their secret, mist-enshrouded lab (aka their garage) on insane concoctions that addict women to you so completely they should probably be illegal.

It’s like Breaking Bad over there, I tell you.

Except what they’re doing isn’t only 100% legit, it might be the GREATEST gift to your love life ever.

Best of all, they’ve perfected an ALL NEW upgraded version with significant evolutionary changes to the formula .

Look, here’s the deal… You can “work” on your relationship. You can read all the books and practice all the skills.
BUT…all the while you’re probably washing off nature’s most powerful force for making the woman in your life respond with POWERFUL adoration:
[Link]  BRAND NEW Total Devotion Formula
Truth be told, even SHE won’t know exactly why she’s feeling such a STRONG connection to you.

But let’s just say I’m kind of surprised this stuff isn’t a beautiful baby blue:
[Link]  The “Purest”…Better Than Ever

SUBJECT: Doe-Eyed Mama
SUBJECT: Who Knew There Was A Formula For Total Devotion?
SUBJECT: “It Was Like An Instagram Filter…But In Real Life”
Honest question…

How has your “significant other” been treating you lately?

Is your sex life hotter than ever, or has “Netflix and chill” taken on a literal meaning?

ALL of us as men daydream about our woman getting that LOOK in her eyes.

I’ll call them the “Take Me Eyes”. But there’s a much more descriptive name for those eyes that would get me banned from sending you any more emails.

You know exactly what I mean.

Now, try as you might, it might seem like NOTHING is working to fire things up.

You may even feel like you have a roommate instead of a wife or girlfriend.

But she’s too sexy for that.

Thankfully, Dr. Amend and his eccentric cadre of “mad scientists” have concocted something brand new that triumphantly capitalizes on the seemingly complex science of love and attraction…

…and makes it DEAD SIMPLE:
[Link]  Now With The Not-So-Secret “Secret” Ingredient
Why not bypass all the “work” you think it’s going to take to heat up the bedroom again, and let biological TRUTH do the heavy lifting for you?

It won’t be long before you witness those big, bright, glassy “doe eyes” that women give themselves on Instagram…only FOR REAL.
[Link]  Now With The Not-So-Secret “Secret” Ingredient
P.S. I mean, think about it. There’s a REASON WHY all the girls use THAT Instagram filter, right? They WANT those eyes…maybe even more than YOU want to see them.

SUBJECT: Chundergusted 
Hey…I’ve been around the block enough in the world of dating and relationship advice that I thought I had seen EVERYTHING.

And we all know that Dr. Amend has had the leading “scientific attraction formula” on Earth for several years now.

But I pretty much chundergusted Diet Coke all over my keyboard when I got a load of THIS:
[link] Gust-worthy
Once I recovered, I had to stop and laugh out loud.

My first thought was, “This NAILS it.”

But then I wondered what TOOK HIM SO LONG:
[link]  Where Has THIS Been My Whole Life (And Hers)?
Seriously…there are going to be a LOT of happy, playful, giggling girlfriends begging to get “naughty” in every room of the house…and maybe even the back yard, too.

And the best part is they can’t help themselves. It’s like a bio-chemical MORAL IMPERATIVE.

Well, it’s also kind of nice you didn’t have say, do, learn or memorize ANYTHING to make the magic happen:
[link]  Jump-Start Her “Hots” For You
SUBJECT: Are All The Books And Videos NOT Helping?
Have you been getting that sinking feeling lately that your man is a little distant…
…Or that he may even be pulling away?

Worse…are all the books and videos you’ve watched NOT helping matters any?

Well…now there’s a brand new way to get nature on YOUR side:
[Link]  Bio-chemistry’s Powerful Secret
You need not worry about what to do, what words to say…and certainly not about what clothes to wear.
This works like an invisible MAGNET to draw him closer so he’s completely smitten again.
[Link]  Make Him SO Into You Again
If the fires of passion have turned colder lately, there’s no need to panic. Just put every advantage to work for you!
P.S. When you click on this link what you discover may shock you. You’ll probably even be skeptical at first. But there’s no denying how it works…


SUBJECT: The Honeymoon Phase Returns
SUBJECT: Lost In Each Other’s Eyes Again…
SUBJECT: This Works Shockingly Well With Men
Remember when you and your man first met? Everything was fresh and new.

You fell in love so naturally…knowing you were meant for each other. 

Even though you thought you were SO busy, HUGE chasms of time suddenly opened for the two of you to spend precious time together…right? 

But maybe months…or YEARS…have passed…
…And you don’t exactly get lost in each other’s eyes anymore like you used to.

As they say, “The honeymoon doesn’t last.”

But what do THEY know?
[Link]  Like A “Second Honeymoon”
Did you know that nature has given us biological “signals” that draw your man close to you…creating feelings of DEEP adoration and strong CONNECTION in him?

But because of how, well…CLEAN we are in today’s post-modern world, we unwittingly wash off all the “magic”!
Now, a famed doctor has formulated the perfect solution in his lab. You’ve just GOT to take a look:
[Link]  Just As Nature Intended

P.S. What’s behind that link may SHOCK you, but there is fascinating truth behind how amazingly well it works with men! 


SUBJECT: Don’t Give Up On “Us”
SUBJECT: From Frosty To Frisky
SUBJECT: I’m Still In A State Of Shock
Even if you feel like your relationship is happy and healthy, sometimes it’s fun to fantasize a little.

What if you could bring back that elusive “spark” that never seems to last forever?

Well, here’s what’s really WEIRD about that…

Did you know that the two of you were MEANT to feel passionate, CLOSE connection that never fades?
Think about it. You still ADORE each other. You certainly still believe in “forever”, right?

So why allow thoughts to creep in that the days of him sweeping you off your feet—quite literally—are far behind you?

Why can’t you return to the blissful days of “distracting” each other with kisses on the neck, and playfully starting pillow fights on Sunday mornings?

Wouldn’t it be so wonderful if you fell for each other ALL OVER again?
…If you CAPTIVATED each other again…
…surrendering to the passion you feel for each other.

Well, it would be tragic to give up on that…
…And you SHOULDN’T:
[Link]  Weird, But 100% Real
Did you know that there’s a perfectly natural reason--rooted in BIO-CHEMISTRY---why some couples stay so fun and frisky with each other?

But the tragic part is MOST of us in the Western world are unknowingly doing virtually everything possible to DESTROY its power.

That’s why my friend Dr. Amend has devoted himself to the goal of naturally bringing the SPARK back for couples everywhere:

[Link]  The Return Of “Fun And Frisky”
When you take a look at what’s behind that link above, you may think it’s MAGIC. But it’s really all about putting nature back to work for you!
P.S. Isn’t it time to become that adoring couple everyone

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New Formula for General Men's Lists
New Formula for General Women's Lists
New Formula for General Mixed Gender Lists
Classic Formula for General Men's Lists
Classic Formula for General Women's Lists
Classic Formula for General Mixed Gender Lists

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